AL Priority Radar Detectors


AntiLaser who produces the AL Priority system is no newcomer to the industry and they have been producing laser defense products going on 2 decades now, They are the world leader in the laser defense. The ALP is a very versatile modular radar and laser jamming system that you can configure to your needs.  We now offer both Laser & Radar sensors for the front and rear of your vehicle to give you directional information of all threats.

Available Options:

• ALP BLUETOOTH MODULE (iPhone & Android Support) – Wireless control of your AL Priority system via your Android or Apple Devices. Also offers a remote display and a way to keep firmware updated easily.
• RADAR ADD-ON PACKAGE – This option not only allows the ALP system to offer laser defense it allow it to be a complete radar and laser solution. You can add a front only radar antenna or get a front and rear antenna for directional awareness.
• ANTILASER HI-FI CONTROL SET  – HiFi voice communication module for adding voice alerts through external speaker and also full voice driven menu to adjust settings easily. When hit with Laser it will announce the gun used and the direction of the source.  When used with Radar Add-On Package it will determine the band of radar being detected and the direction if dual antennas are purchased.
• ANTILASER GPS ANTENNA – (Included in Radar Add-On Package) The GPS Antenna is used to define speed limits for AL working modes. This allows you to set the ALP to not jam under set speed and if you are using the radar add-on kit, it allows you to ignore radar alerts when traveling under set speeds.

Depending on your ideal setup you might want some options but there might be different ways to achieve the same end results. For Example if you have an Apple iPhone and you want a visual display and voice alerts you do not necessarily need the AL HI-Fi Module because you can achieve both these functions using your iPhone with just the Bluetooth Module.

The iPhone App will give an awesome display with voice alerts and also allow you to change your AL Priority settings. If you go this route you do not even need to install the regular controller because you can turn your AL Priority on and off with the iPhone app.

Advantages over previous AL models and competition:

• AL is the original successor to the Worlds’ First laser based multipurpose parking sensor
• Features the smallest sensors in its ultimate performance class
• Superior laser detection powered by AL patented technology
• Extreme resistance to engine noise and laser interferences
• Holds the widest protection angle (up to ±15°H ±15°V)
• Laser detection power (coverage) improved by 20% over previous RX2 model
• Power of laser detection at least 40-100% greater than power of detection of any competitive product

AL Priority brings you Industry’s First:

• Dual processor design running at over 100 MHz
• User friendly internet upgrades and set-up via USB flash drive
• USB flash drive theft protection key
• 5 sensor connection with front and rear sensor discrimination
• Innovative rear & side sensor cable exit
• Laser cruise-control filtering sensor for factory LCC equipped cars
• Compatibility with many third party devices (Radar, GPS antennas)
• Advanced self-test function detects disconnection or malfunction
• Fully effective from 10V to 17V power supply


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